How To Install and Start Programming With Golang

Go Setup

Installing GoLang on your system Requires Three Steps:

  1. Downloading the installation files from the link.

  2. Installing the packages

  3. Verifying the GoLang installation by running programs

Installing on Linux system:

  • Extract the .tar.gz file downloaded from the above link to /usr/local
sudo tar -C /usr/local <go_tar_filename>.tar.gz
  • Add /usr/local/go/bin to the PATH environment variable.
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin

Verifying Installation:

Now check the Go installation by building a simple program, as follows:

  • Open a terminal and create the following file structure.
$ mkdir golang/src/test
  • Now change the directory to the above path.
$ cd golang/src/test
  • Now, create a file named test.go and write your first test program.
package mainimport "fmt"func main() {
    fmt.Printf("Installation Successful..!!")
  • Now, save the file and go back to the terminal and run the following command.
$ go build
  • The above command creates a binary file called test.exe, now run the executable to run the above code.
$ ./test
  • If the installation had correct, then it prints “ Installation Successful..!!

Commands For Linux Terminal

Congratulations! The installation had been finished and you are ready Go!